The 2014 New York 19th Century Extravaganza

Located at The Old Stone House, Sunday is our all-day event!


Denny Daniels and the Museum of Interesting Things

museumofinterestingthingsDenny is the the founder and curator of The Museum of Interesting Things, and owns an entire apartment full of curiosities and odd objects! Sit back and relax while he tells you about the suffragette movement and how those tough ladies did it! Denny will also be featured on his own vending table, free to view for the public! Don’t miss out on some vital history with some crazy folks!

Sean Proper, Gentleman Extraordinaire

Sean Proper, by Babette Daniels

Sean is a staple member of the Brooklyn Steampunk scene, and has made it his life goal to be the best gentleman of the 21st Century. When he’s not fighting off time traveling aliens or making an excellent plate of delicious bacon, Sean organizes events at The Waystation and brings all of the geeky and nerdy classics to his favorite bar. He also collects vintage luggage in his free time.

In his efforts to perfect his craft, Mr. Proper has offered to teach you the art of bow ties! Join us as he teaches the basics and tying one of the most sophisticated and coolest accessories of his wardrobe.

Nicole Oliva, Signer and Performer

t640x480Long Island-based soprano Nicole Oliva joins us at this year’s extravaganza to give you an entertaining and educational experience with her concert and lecture on 19th century romantic operas.

Nicole will give us a glimpse into the history of popular operas and their composers throughout the 19th century that are still popular today, as well as perform examples of their work.

Nicole has received a B.F.A. in Theatre Arts at Five Towns College in Dix Hills, NY and has performed with companies such as the Amadeus Opera Company and Gilbert and Sullivan (Yiddish) Light Opera Company.

Ashley Rogers, Playwright and Steampunk super-citizen

Ashley, by Ger Tysk

Ashley, by Ger Tysk

A world premiere reading of “The Sounds of Madness,” a one act play adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe’s Tell Tale Heart, The Black Cat, and Casque of Amontillado adapted all by Ashley Lauren Rogers. Rogers has had pieces performed in New York, throughout New England and as far as Wisconsin.

Ashley also participates in recording Madeline Foxtrot, a monthly tea video at satirizes and critiques steampunk and other culture genres. You can find Madeline’s Facebook page here.

Kenneth Toglia, Author


Ken Tolgia, by Babette Daniels

The Nineteenth Century Society and its member Kenneth S. Toglia will be presenting on Victorians and the Other World. The people of the nineteenth century had a great deal of faith in the existence of all things otherworldly: ghosts, devils, mermaids, and fairies..

Kenneth is a successful lecturer and author on the subject of steampunk, dieselpunk, and the subjectivity of the occult and fairies. He’s been featured in a variety of magazines and collective novels.


Bartitsu Bartitsu

Learn to fight like Sherlock Holmes! London’s Bartitsu Club was all the rage in 1899, but only recently has this lost martial art been rediscovered. Learn the “gentlemanly art of self-defense” at our seminars and weekly training sessions. The Club meets once a week for three hours of Bartitsu training consisting of Vigny cane, savate, ‘scientific’pugilism/fisticuffs, and Ju Jutsu. Curriculum includes canonical Bartitsu from turn-of-the-century instructional articles published by Bartitsu’s founder, Edward William Barton-Wright, as well historic and antique training manuals of the era. Rachel Klingberg and Jesse Barnick are the founders of The Bartitsu Club of New York City, and have dedicated themselves to the study of martial arts.

Please bring a walking stick, cane, study stick, umbrella, or light wooden/PVC dowel approximately 26″ long. Waivers will need to be signed in order to participate in this event.


En Plein Air Drawing Session

En Plein Air is a French expression which means “in the open air,” and is particularly used to describe the act of painting outdoors, which is also called peinture sur le motif or “painting on the ground” in French.

Winslow Homer, Artists Sketching in the White Mountains

Winslow Homer, Artists Sketching in the White Mountains

Artists have long painted outdoors, but in the mid-19th century working in natural light became particularly important to the Barbizon school and Impressionism. The popularity of painting en plein air increased in the 1870s with the introduction of paints in tubes. Previously, each painter made their own paints by grinding and mixing dry pigment powders with linseed oil. The Newlyn School in England is considered another major proponent of the technique in the latter 19th century. Take the opportunity to tap into your own artist while sketching out in the lovely courtyard of The Old Stone House. This event is a Bring Your Own Brush event, but chairs and models will be provided.


Red Box Jade

B The PsychicThrough decades of study B achieved the level of Mystic, fluent in diverse arts and sciences of Metaphysics & Paranormal: B’s multifaceted careers have been in service of others. Redboxjade Company was started in the ’90’s as a clearing house & home to those careers & services.

Host of MysticNYC radio & Radio Culinair weekly radio/podcasts explore and illuminate the many facets of both the Culinary & Metaphysical worlds. Ordained Cleric & Registered NYC Officiant, B holds a BFA & Ss certification: B is has operates a private practice & teaches Metaphysical arts & sciences in New York City.


Children’s Crafts

Enjoy 19th Century themed children’s activities at the arts and crafts table! Make paper flowers or thaumatropes to take home, See toys and activities of children from long ago, Have fun like your great, great-grandmother did!


The New York Lawn Bowling Club

From Sir Francis Drake to the far reaches of the old English empire
where the sun never set, lawn bowling is part of a long lineage of
similar bowling games once played by the Egyptians over 5,000 years ago.

Although the Brits in 1664 created the first official bowling green in
Manhattan, the Dutch 60 years prior are considered the pioneers
of the game in the new world by throwing bowls in what it is now
lower Manhattan. The old bowling green in the present day financial district is sadly long gone but our edition in Central Park has been bowling its heart out since 1926.

Join us as members from the New York Bowling Club bowl their hearts out for us in fashion!


Drinks & Refreshments

Lemonade Stand

The New York 19th Century Society will be manning it’s own lemonade stand to keep our participants well hydrated and quenched! Keep on the lookout for it on Sunday!


The Bushwicker, a Bock/Vienna 19th Century Proto-lager, presented by Tom Coughlin, Kris Svendsen and friends

While the breweries of Bushwick (Schaefer, Piels, Liebman, Huber, Eherts, Goldenrod, and many more) mostly adopted the Pilsner style as their main product, it was not unusual for a brewery to do a springtime seasonal offering of a darker colored beer with slightly more alcohol, hops and flavor, in the Bock or Vienna lager style.


The Wm. Ulmer Brewery–Beaver, Belivedere and Locust Sts, Brooklyn.

Generally speaking, Bock and Vienna lager recipes use a darker colored base malt than a pilsner (pale malt for Bock, Vienna and/or Munich malt for Vienna lager). Typical brewing practice in Brooklyn was to add a small fraction of deeply roasted malt or caramel for color, and a small fraction of light crystal malt for body and residual sweetness.) In late 19th Century Brooklyn, there was some overlap in these two styles. With the exception of products from Trommer’s, the Bushwick brewers always used corn and six-row malts, so for them, the two types are more apt to resemble each other than than the European prototype styles they were based on. The signature elements of a Brooklyn bock are the lightness and hoppiness that one will notice immediately, and the gentle graham-cracker-like sweetness that emerges as the beer warms in the glass, as a refreshed beer drinker sips more slowly and with more reflection.

Today, there are two noteworthy Vienna lagers being made in the area–Brooklyn Vienna Lager, and Blue Point Toasted Lager. These share some of the flavor and aroma heritage of the original Brooklyn brown beers, but as they are more closely related to the European style prototypes, they are fuller-bodied and contain more calories.

Must be 21 and above to participate, please have your ID ready



Painless Parker

PP_image2Behind the Painless Parker moniker is the musical output of one Noam Berg, an American-Israeli-Canadian no-goodnik whose zeal for music far outstrips any actual talent. Many moons ago, he founded Fishyboom with his good buddy Bob. Fishyboom are still going strong, check them out if you like rock music that’s awesomely silly and silly awesome. Painless Parker is a sandbox for musical ideas both new and old. Painless Parker also moonlights with bands like Eli August and the Abandoned Buildings and The Waysties.


The Wandering Cellist


The Wandering Cellist, aka Mike Lunapiena, started playing and became obsessed with the cello at age 16. He would fuse this new-found obsession with the passion he had developed years earlier for heavy metal music. This has defined this unorthodox journey he’s taken. In the years that followed, he got some classical training, started playing in rock bands, began composing his own music, began playing in the subways & freelancing in New York City. His journey would take him from popular New York City underground venues to a Progressive Rock Festival in Quebec City, to Steampunk, Sci-Fi & Gaming Conventions in the Northeastern US, and beyond. His music fuses his classical training with his love of heavy metal, fantasy, film & folk music. Building layers of cello on top of each other, he creates a world simultaneously dark, beautiful, wonderful, fantastic & breathtaking.


 More events will be included as we come closer to the event.