The Old Stone House

OSH_pageThe Old Stone House is a reconstructed 1699 Dutch farmhouse modeled after the house that was central in the Battle of Brooklyn during the American Revolution. Open to the public year-round, Old Stone House features a historic interpretive center with a permanent exhibit about the Battle of Brooklyn. They also host original exhibits connected to Brooklyn’s past and present on the second floor of the house. Every year they educate over six thousand students about the importance of The Battle of Brooklyn and the state of affairs in New York during the colonial era. Along with its education program the Old Stone House also boasts of a newly created playground that incorporates the old garden sitting behind the house.

The Old Stone House has also been our spot for exhibiting The New York Nineteenth Century Extravaganza, an event started by Samuel Sobek as a means to bring parts of the historic community together in education and entertainment of the 19th century. In the past this has included a late 19th Century baseball team, lessons on impressionism and the open air painting movement, and historical craft breweries.

If you’d like to visit, or become part of the Old Stone House and its partners, feel free to visit their supporting page.