Hours of Idleness: A Neoclassical Picnic at Wave Hill

“In honor of Memorial Day this May 30th, 2011, please join the NY Nineteenth Century Society for a picnic afternoon at Wave Hill Public Garden and Cultural Center, a picturesque garden estate on the Hudson, dating to the 1840s!

Enjoy breathtaking views of the Hudson River Valley while strolling through elegantly curated gardens at this historic early 19th century estate.

This is an informal gathering to make good use of the summer weather. Everyone is invited to come enjoy the beauty of the gardens — and feel free to bring a friend!

Please bring a small food or drink item (appetizer, side, drink, or dessert) to share with the group in the picnic area of the garden, as well as any personal food you choose to consume. There is also an excellent cafe at Wave Hill which can supply you with a good selection of picnic foods to suit various tastes and diets.

We will be dressed in our 18th/19th century/Edwardian finest — feel free to dress up in period costume for a relaxing picnic atmosphere. And definitely bring your camera!

For information, directions, cost to enter the park, &tc, please visit the Wave Hill site:

Please note the etiquette section of the Wave Hill site, and refrain from bringing blankets, frisbees, kites, dogs, etc, or eating food outside of picnic areas.

Thanks to everyone who came out on Memorial Day! Read more about the picnic at NYNCS co-founder Eva Ulz’s blog, Circa 1850.

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