August 2015 – Parlorcraft Circle – Tatted Lace

In August 2015, tatted lace was the topic of our Parlorcraft Circle. Tatting was a popular early-19th-century technique for handcrafting lace from a series of knots and loops, using shuttles, a crochet hook, or a large needle. Lace is formed by a pattern of rings and chains over a core thread. Its origins may have been 16th-century Italy, and the techniques spread across Europe, becoming especially popular in Great Britain. Godey’s, Harper’s Bazaar, and other women’s magazines of the era included tatting patterns and instructions in their issues. Simpler than traditional lace-making methods, tatting was easily taught to children and allowed for beautiful edgings, doilies, and embellishments

We presented a shuttle tatting demonstration by expert Michelle Kleinman, who also provided instruction, historic patterns, and modern tutorials for simple tatted lace to get everyone started on tatting for trimming handkerchiefs, petticoats, linens, and so forth. You can view Michelle’s helpful tatting documentation as a PDF.

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